The BMP61 Brady Label System replaces the TLS-2200

Brady BMP61The BMP61 Brady Label System replaces the TLS-2200 with several great new features. The new system is more user friendly and better quality that makes labeling jobs easier. The 2200 had a built-in battery with switch in it that wasn’t always ideal. The BMP61 has a nickel cadmium battery that slides in and out easily. It is easily replaceable and you can run this system independent of the battery by plugging it in and running off a 12-volt converter from your wall socket. Previously the keypad was not a traditional format or qwerty style keypad making it very difficult to find the letters you needed. The BMP61 has a full qwerty keyboard just like your smart phone making it faster and easier to create your labels. There is an automatic feature that auto adjusts and fits your text as you add more information to your label.

There is a multi-print label option still available so if you need to print multiple labels with the same information you can. Installing your labels are like the 2200 with a pop up top. The BMP61 is fully integrated with the labels that were made for the 2200 so there isn’t a need to purchase new label stock.

The BMP61 is more robust in its physical makeup with a more durable coating on the outside. This makes it stand up better to being dropped or left in dirty conditions. The storage case has also been upgraded with a more durable design and laser cutout features for storing the printer and its accessories. The manual is also included and in a place where it can be permanently kept for quick reference.

With a USB easily accessible the system can be integrated into your computer. This allows you a wide range of features when used with the Label Mark Software. With the USB connection for flash drives, you can make and print entire lists even upload your own graphics or print labels straight from your mobile device.

New BMP61 is a portable label printer that is versatile for on-the-go labeling. It features a bold, large color touch screen for super simple navigation and label creation. It’s rugged, reliable and won’t break if you drop it. You can take the BMP61 anywhere with you by clipping it to your belt, strapping it to your hand or mounting it on the wall. The BMP61 has performance that matches your own.


Posted on Sunday Mar 19, 2017