The E300’s Modular Design Makes Motor Protection Easy

Rockwell Automation E300Rockwell Automation’s E300 Overload Relay is more modular than the old 300 Plus. The E300 is made up of three sensing modules: a sensing module, a control module and a communications module. With this overload relay, you can pick and choose the various types of sensing that you want to monitor. You are also able to add a control module which allows for various types of voltages that activate your inputs. When you add in the communications module, you can configure and program using your PLC. The E300 offers a third port called an expansion bus. This allows you to add more I/O to your overload relay system. You can also add digital modules or analog modules which are three universal in and one out. You can also add up to four analog modules. There is also the ability to have operator interface panels added. The E300 is very modular giving you the ability to pick and choose what you want for motor protection. Your various accessories connect easily to your integrated architecture making life a lot easier for your motor protection needs. To learn how to configure an E300 using the embedded web server, please watch our tech support video.


Posted on Friday Sep 28, 2018 | electronic, motor, overload, protection, relay, relays,