The HMS Anybus Gateway Selector Helps You Select The Right Network Combinations

HMS AnybusThe HMS Anybus Gateway is a translator where you connect one communication standard on one side and another communication standard on the other. With more than 300 combinations of industrial communication standards in the marketplace, it’s often hard to know which ones to choose. Do you know how to pick the correct HMS Anybus Gateway for your connectivity needs? HMS has an Anybus Gateway Selector available for you to select the two network interfaces you plan to use. If you want to connect a serial device to a network, simply select your subnetwork interface first (ex. ASCII/Vendor Specific (Serial)). Then select the industrial network you want to connect to (ex. Profibus Slave). This will give you the correct gateway for this combination of interfaces. In this example, your solution would be an Anybus Communicator which will act as a slave on the Profibus network. It will translate information to and from the serial device.

If you want to connect two similar or dissimilar industrial networks, you need to know first if your network infrastructure has a PLC master which should communicate to several slaves or if you have a PLC master on the other network as well. The reason being, if you have two PLCs the gateway will be slave on both sides. If you only have one PLC, the gateway will be slave to the PLC and act as a master to the slaves on the subnetwork.

For example, with an Allen-Brady ControlLogix PLC that uses an Ethernet/IP network, you’d want to use a gateway integrate the Profibus automation devices into the ControlLogix PLC. Consequently, the gateway is a slave on the Ethernet/IP network. Since there is no controlling PLC master for the Profibus devices, the Anybus gaper acts as a master in this case saving you the cost of an additional master.


Posted on Thursday Feb 22, 2018 | ethernet-ip, gateway, networks, plc,