Thomas & Betts' Ty-Duct Makes Wire Management Easy

Thomas and Betts Ty-DuctHave you ever opened a control panel and found yourself asking where’s the wiring? Thanks to products like Thomas & Betts' Ty-duct it’s hidden. With the complexity of control panels, ty-duct offers multiple application specific materials and colors. It’s available in rigid PVC or halogen-free for use in applications with higher temperatures. The standard PVC products are available gray, white, black and intrinsic blue with options of narrow or wide slots, round holes or solid. With focus on safety, reliability and maintaining uptime, ty-duct is designed to save you time and installation. Its rounded edges keep hands and wires free from abrasion. Ty-duct offers many features and comes standard with a writable film allowing up to 20% cost savings. The universal mounting clip allows for easy assembly and wire dividers or cable ties for greater security. When cost savings and functionality are important, look to ty-duct as a total solution for routing and concealing wiring.


Posted on Friday Dec 29, 2017 | pvc, wire-management, wiring,