Unirac’s GFT is Scalable to Any Size Project

Unirac Ground Fixed TiltUnirac’s Ground Fixed Tilt solar panel mounting racks are scalable to any project size. There is no customization required for your project with Unirac’s aluminum beams because they include a top mounting slot to accommodate a variety of module sizes. Attaching your PV panels to the top chord is simple and quick because the mounting slots provide maximum construction tolerances across the array. To further ease the assembly process there are fewer tools and less labor needed because of the pre-drilled holes on the foundation channel and steel top chord.

With Unirac GFT you can save installation because they will pre-assemble the top mounting clamps prior to shipment.

Wire management simply snaps anywhere onto the aluminum beams and has the ability to hold bundles of wire that are up to 2 inches in diameter. All of this results in cost savings for you. In collaboration with McNaughton-McKay, Unirac provides design and quotation assistance on every project. You will receive standard drawings and calculations which will help you in securing permits and system installation. We can also help you with project management services that include design and quotation assistance, site-specific construction drawings and 3rd party structural design documentation.


Posted on Monday Feb 06, 2017 | ground-mount, mounting-racks, photovoltaic, pv, solar,