Why Use 3M’s Medium Voltage Cold Shrink Terminations

3M’s Medium Voltage Cold Shrink Terminations3M™ Cold Shrink QT-II and QT-III Terminations are designed using a track-resistant silicone rubber and Hi-K stress control material in conjunction with 3M’s unique cold shrink delivery system. 3Ms integrated cold shrink termination is part of their standard range offering. It’s a viable cost-based alternative to heat shrink cable termination. While there are additional steps to their premium range it means that comparative time savings are less and there’s a marked difference over competitive heat shrinks specifically in outdoor applications. Requiring no heat or specialty stalls to use means 3M's medium voltage termination kits are easier to use in enclosed areas there by improving health and safety profiles. This range covers many of the most common cable configuration and size ranges.


Posted on Friday Feb 08, 2019 | cold, heat, shrink, terminations,