With Softing’s 56eATM-tManager You Can Exchange Between Business Systems and PLCs/PACs Easily

Softing tManagertManager® Enterprise Appliance Transaction Modules (eATM® ) allow the exchange of data between business or plant computer systems and a mix of Rockwell Automation PLCs/PACs. The modules install in a ControlLogix chassis from Rockwell Automation and communicate to other Allen-Bradley controllers via the backplane, bridge modules, or EtherNet/IP through one of the front Ethernet ports. On the enterprise side, adapters are available for popular databases as well as messaging queues through various versions of Java Messaging Service.

The tManager®, makes bi-directional data exchange between enterprise/business/ plant applications and ControlLogix systems for download of instructions and upload of product data simple. If you are looking for an easy-to-implement data-transfer solution between a ControlLogix and a database like MS SQL tManager® is right for you. Visual Basic scripting is time consuming to write and slow to run. By installing the tManager module you eliminate the need for a VP scripting application. Installing and maintaining a separate computer for data transfer requires additional resources. tManager is designed to be setup and maintained by PLC oriented engineers and electricians saving you personnel hours. Additionally, tManager’s operating system is embedded and there is no external access which means there are no updates needed that could result in no malware or viruses. Because tManager is a ControlLogix module, it fits in the chassis and doesn’t require additional panel space.

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Posted on Monday Mar 06, 2017 | controllogix, data-exchange, ethernet-ip, pac, plc,