You Can Have Integration Motion and EtherNet/IP Together With Rockwell Automation’s Kinetix 6500 Servo Drive

Kinetix 6500 Servo DriveIf you are a machine or equipment builder, you are challenged to make smaller, more complex equipment in a shorter design cycle and at a lower price point. Using a Rockwell Automation Kinetix® motion solution can provide you a single development platform that will result in less design time and cabinet space with improved power density and efficiency. The Kinetix 6500 can help you achieve machine flexibility and functionality with its integrated motion capabilities and EtherNet/IP network. Its safety options and modular design provide you a servo drive that makes a lasting difference in your machines. These servo drives provide a precise, easy to use motion control solution that simplifies machine design and use.

When paired with a Kinetix MP-Series Rotary Servo Motor, you can meet demanding requirements of high performance motion systems. For a demonstration of how to properly wire the power and feedback cables to a Kinetix 6500 Servo Drive with an MP-Series motor and Hiperface® feedback device, visit the McNaughton-McKay YouTube channel and watch the tech support video presentation.


Posted on Friday Aug 17, 2018 | control, drives, integrated, motion, motors, servo,