Your Electric Vehicle Can Run On The Sun

SolarEdge EV ChargingWhat if you could have a car that ran on sun? Well, now you can because SolarEdge is making it a reality. SolarEdge offers the first inverter-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charger. It gives you the ability to charge your electric vehicles with solar and grid energy. The solar boost mode offers six times faster charging. If you want to charge only from the grid, charging can be done five times faster. With a traditional PV inverter, installation can be costly because you must install the EV charger separately; wire the EV charger separately; and upgrade the main AC panel. With a SolarEdge inverter-integrated EV Charger, installation is cost-effective. You install the PV and EV simultaneously, lowering installation costs. This eliminates additional wiring, conduit, and breakers. The solution will also eliminate the need for an additional dedicated circuit breaker, saving space in your distribution panel.


Posted on Friday Oct 26, 2018 | charging, ev, solar,