Zebra Network ConnectThe Industrial Internet of Things is changing our relationships with machines. They are now our collaborative partner in achieving unmatched visibility and speed. When you equip your operations with Zebra Technologies, you retool what’s possible. Ethernet capable printers and ultra-rugged scanners are an important part of your plant floor operations. Setting up these devices can be challenging. This is especially true when your IT department must connect hardware and update software for your entire manufacturing line. Then there’s connecting your devices to third-party converter boxes and PCs, and integrating them with your network. This often requires rounds of troubleshooting, and they’re still vulnerable to security breaches.

Connectivity interruptions can cause unplanned downtime. The truth is every third-party converter box and PC on your plant floor is a potential point of failure. Imagine what’s possible without this third-party hardware, their vulnerabilities and the points of failure they inevitably bring. With Network Connect, your devices connect directly to the PLC. Setup is easy when using standard protocols. There is two-way direct communication to the PLC using its industrial network so there’s no need to call your IT department. With your PLC and devices talking to each other, you’ll be able to monitor on-the-go. You will save time and money in set-up, management and troubleshooting.


Posted on Friday Apr 06, 2018 | iot, iott, networks,