Zebra’s 3600 Series Provides Barcode Scanning in Any Environment

Zebra 3600 scannerThe Zebra 3600 scanner is designed to work in the toughest conditions. Your business needs accurate information when checking materials in and out. Your ability to deliver the right products to the right customers on-time depends on being able to capture barcode information quickly and accurately all-day long. A scanner that makes you wait between reading or fails to scan properly reduces your productivity, delays delivery, impacts customer satisfaction and can negatively impact your bottom line. You need a scanner that provides dependable information and withstands harsh environments.

The 3600 Series barcode scanner provides workers the assurance that what they are scanning is being quickly captured. The 3600 is so dependable that almost any barcode can be scanned no matter what the environmental conditions are including barcodes that are: scratched, dirty, poorly printed and even covered by shrink wrap or frost. With the multi-code feature you can save time by specifying which codes are captured, the order they are captured, and how each code is formatted on your back-end application. This is all done with one press of the trigger.

Pick lists are a daily routine in every warehouse and manufacturing facility. The 3600 Series aiming technology makes it easy for your employees to select and scan even the smallest barcodes. They are captured and can be printed or displayed on any computer screen.


Posted on Friday Jan 04, 2019 | 1d-imaging, 2d-imaging, barcode, scanner,