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Mersen’s Compact Fused Switch is a Great Choice for Panel Builders

Posted on Friday Feb 28, 2020 | builders, disconnect, fuses, panel, switches,

Mersen’s Compact Fused SwitchIf you are a panel builder, you will love Mersen’s Compact Fused Disconnect because of the compact form factor and easy installation. ... {Read More}

eWon Flexy 205 from HMS is the IIoT Gateway and Remote Access Router for Machine Builders

Posted on Friday Mar 15, 2019 | builders, gateway, iiot, machine,

eWon Flexy 205Machine Builders now can monitor and collect KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance with the eWON Flexy 205, an advanced internet data gateway. The Flexy 205 is a modular Internet Gateway with a built-in web interface, scripting and enhanced internet connectivity for your IoT deployment. Making it easier to troubleshoot your remote industrial equipment using its VPN Remote Access capabilities.... {Read More}