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Posted on Sunday Feb 26, 2017 | cable, cord, portable-cable, wire,

General Cable's TruMarkGeneral Cable’s Carol Brand line of portable power cords feature the TRU-Mark System. This system sequentially marks every two feet of cord in descending order from the start of the reel to the end. The Reel lengths are available in 250, 500 or 1,000 feet, with large, visible printing for accuracy with 1% tolerance. TRU-Mark products cut down on shortages and scrap in the field. If you always know how much is left on the reel, your efficiency is improved because of your ability to effectively manager reel inventory. With better inventory management, you will realize a savings on scrap costs. With the TRU-Mark system you can cut cord with confidence there by improving your job efficiency.... {Read More}

Roxtec is Peace of Mind for Flexible Sealing Solutions

Posted on Friday Oct 30, 2015 | cable, pipe, roxtec, seal,

Roxtec cable and pipe sealing solutions can be used on land, at sea and underground, wherever cables are routed and pipes are installed and the size doesn’t matter. If you are working in a demanding environment that requires safety, efficiency and operation reliability, the modular-based Roxtec sealing solutions give you peace of mind. The modular-based solution has three main components: the adaptable modules, the frame, and the compression unit. This system protects life and assets against risk caused by fire, gas, water, dust, pests, vibrations, and electromagnetic disturbances. It can even prevent the risk of explosion and provide solutions for bonding, grounding, and electrical safety.... {Read More}

Greenlee End Stripper Adapter

Posted on Sunday Jun 14, 2015 | aluminum, cable, greenlee, saber,

If you’ve ever had to use a knife to strip cable, you knowthat cuts come with the territory. You also know that no two cables are ever stripped at the same depth. More times than you like to admit your knife has made contact with the conductor when you are stripping... {Read More}