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Greenlee’s Workhorse is an All-in-One Threading and Bending Workstation

Posted on Friday Feb 02, 2018 | bender, conduit, threading,

Greenlee WorkhorseThe Workhorse™ from Greenlee is an all-in-one bending and threading station. Mobility is no longer a problem because the station features fork lift pockets on two sides that make it easy to move and place wherever you need it. The Greenlee 854DX and 855GX benders can be securely mounted using brackets providing a safe bending environment. ... {Read More}


Posted on Sunday Nov 26, 2017 | conduit, flexible-conduit, shielded-conduit, vfds,

Shield-FlexShielded conduit provides exceptional shielding effectiveness from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI / RFI). You can use it to protect sensitive electronic circuits from outside noise in communications, radar and data transmission applications. Shielded conduit will help you keep interference out and emissions in. Electri-Flex’s shielded conduit can be used in a variety of markets such as industrial, HVAC, and utilities. It is especially good for water and wastewater facilities where variable frequency drives (VFD) are used. VFDs are extremely susceptible to radio frequency interference. ... {Read More}

Protect Your Wire and Cables with Hubbell’s Surface Raceway Systems

Posted on Saturday Oct 07, 2017 | conduit, metallic, non-metallic, raceway,

Hubbell’s Surface Raceway SystemsA raceway system helps to protect your wires and cables heat, humidity, corrosion, water intrusion and general physical threats. The channels can be mounted on walls, desks or other surface areas concealing wires and cables making areas neat and easy to maintain. They are one of the handiest cable management tools. Hubbell’s raceway systems are available in steel, aluminum and non-metallic, single or multi-channel raceways. ... {Read More}

Electri-Flex Food Grade Nonmetallic Liquidtight Conduit Provides Excellent Protection

Posted on Monday Apr 10, 2017 | conduit, food-processing, liquidtight,

Electri-Flex Type NMFGThe Electri-Flex food grade nonmetallic liquidtight conduit provides you cost savings in labor because its flexibility eliminates the need for rigged conduit which is often difficult to install. This PVC product has an anti-microbial injected into it making it NSF and FDA approved. Making it an excellent choice for food manufacturing facilities. This product has a direct application for the food processing market, as well as environments that have bacteria present as it helps to prevent its growth. The white jacket allows for easy identification in regards to wash down zones.... {Read More}

Greenlee’s Conduit Bending Table Has Gone Mobile

Posted on Friday Apr 01, 2016 | conduit, mbt, mobile-bending-table,

McNaughton-McKay Repair ServicesGreenlee’s newest bending innovation is the 881 Mobile Bending Table (MBT). The MBT is an all in one bending solution that gives operators the power and performance of the popular 881 bender on a wheeled table. It’s quick to setup and stores all components used for the 881 bender. It can also be wheeled around the job site with ease. This saves crews nearly an hour with every move. Whether you already own the 881 bender or our purchasing the bender and table together, the unit is rugged, feature-rich and designed to get each job done faster, safer and easier.... {Read More}