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Manage your automation project transactions between OT and IT easily with Softing’s tManager eATM

Posted on Saturday Apr 04, 2020 | bi-directional, data, exchange,

Softing’s tManager eATMSofting’s tManager eATM (Enterprise Appliance Transaction Modules) connects PLCs to SQL databases in minutes. Basically, tManager is a PLC module that manages transactions between OT, the PLC on the plant floor, and IT, the SQL database at the business enterprise level of your company.... {Read More}

Edge Computing to Simplify and Protect Your Connected World

Posted on Monday Nov 25, 2019 | centers, cloud, computing, cyber, data, security,

Edge Computing SolutionsStratus Technologies empowers you to turn data into actionable insights where it matters most. Far from the cloud or data center, faster decisions need to be made right at the source of data capture, in real-time with the right information, in the right place. ... {Read More}

Hubbell Wiring Devices inSIGHT™ Data Monitoring Helps Avoid Costly Downtime

Posted on Friday Mar 22, 2019 | analysis, data, ethernet, monitoring,

Hubbell Wiring Devices inSIGHT™ Data MonitoringToday's industrial facility and data center owners know that real-time data analysis, such as current consumption, voltage power usage or temperature, are critical to avoiding costly facility downtime. Hubbell’s new line of intelligent data monitoring devices collect such important data and provide predictive analysis directly at the point of use. ... {Read More}