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Ideal’s New ArmourBand™ Insulating Wrap Makes Electricians' Lives Easier

Posted on Sunday May 31, 2020 | devices, electrical, insulated, tape, wiring, wraps,

Ideal’s New ArmourBand Insulating WrapsArmourBand™ Insulating Wraps from Ideal Electrical, is the next innovation in making electricians lives easier. ... {Read More}

Did You Know That McNaughton-McKay Can Manage Your Construction Project Materials For You?

Posted on Friday Dec 13, 2019 | construction, electrical, management, project,

Construction Material Project ManagementMcNaughton-McKay can provide a complete bill of materials for you, making your construction project management easier. We can manage your lighting, power distribution, wire and cable products. ... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Sep 20, 2019 | boxes, electrical, pre-fabricated,

CROUSE-HINDS PRE-FORMANCE™ PRE-FABRICATION SYSTEM PRE-formance is a unique three-tiered offering of pre-fabrication that improves commercial construction job site material handling, installation productivity and safety. ... {Read More}

Acuity’s Contractor Select™ Program Simplifies Your Lighting Projects

Posted on Friday Feb 15, 2019 | commercial, contractor, electrical, lighting,

Acuity’s Contractor Select™ Program Contractor Select™ products from Acuity are their most popular products on common projects. They are the right fit for your everyday lighting jobs.... {Read More}

Fluke’s T6-1000 Electrical Tester Improves Safety by Measuring Voltage Without Making Electrical Contact

Posted on Friday Dec 22, 2017 | ac, electrical, tester, voltage,

Fluke T6The Fluke T6-1000 Electrical Tester has the ability to completely change how you work. For the first time ever, you can measure AC voltage without test leads. The T6 creates a reference electrical signal which is carried to earth ground through capacitive coupling. This provides for a safer work environment. It also saves time because you don’t have to stop and open covers or remove wire nuts. Voltage and current levels are displayed at the same time making you more efficient which leads to saving time and money.... {Read More}