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Enclosure Express Customization from nVent Hoffman in 10 Days

Posted on Friday Apr 09, 2021 | customization, cut-outs, enclosures, holes,

nVent Hoffman Custom EnclosuresWith nVent Hoffman’s quick customization program you have direct factory express customization from their factory to your facility. ... {Read More}

nVent Hoffman Offers OSHA Safety Yellow Textured Pushbutton Enclosures

Posted on Friday Oct 30, 2020 | enclosures, osha, pushbuttons,

Pushbutton EnclosuresWhat was once a modified product for nVent Hoffman is now part of their standard product offering. ... {Read More}

Hoffman on Demand’s Quick Ship Program Gives You A Full Product Range of Locally Available Enclosures

Posted on Thursday Nov 28, 2019 | enclosures, inventory, local, quick, ship,

Appleton’s Code Master LED FixturesMcNaughton-McKay is pleased to offer you the nVent Hoffman on Demand (HoD) program. This program ensures you get the enclosure solutions you need when your business demands it. ... {Read More}

Stop Wasting Time Drilling Your Own Holes in Enclosures

Posted on Friday Feb 09, 2018 | enclosures, mod-center, modifications,

McNaughton-McKay SteinhauerMcNaughton-McKay is a certified distributor for Hoffman’s Steinhauer Modification Center. We have Steinhauer machines in our facilities with expert operators ready to make the modifications of your enclosure easier. With the Steinhauer machine available, you can stop wasting time performing holes and cutouts manually.... {Read More}