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Let Electri-Flex Custom Cut Your Conduit

Posted on Friday Nov 13, 2020 | conduit, flexible, jacketed, liquidtight,

Let Electri-Flex Custom Cut Your ConduitElectri-Flex can cut, clean, deburr and package your large, multiple cut piece conduit orders. To ensure a sealed fittings connection, you need to use a proper method of cutting your conduit. ... {Read More}

Electri-Flex Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit Provides Resistance to Corrosive Environments

Posted on Friday May 03, 2019 | conduit, flexible, liquatite, stainless, steel,

Electri-Flex Stainless Steel Flexible ConduitElectri-Flex’s Stainless Steel Flexible Conduits provides excellent resistance to corrosive atmospheres such as chemical processing, water treatment plants and other specialty applications where standard plated steel may not be sufficient. ... {Read More}

If you have a corrosive environment, you need Electri-Flex LTSS Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit

Posted on Friday Sep 21, 2018 | conduit, flexible, liquidtight,

Stainless Steel Flexible ConduitElectri-Flex’s LTSS stainless steel flexible conduit is a perfect for applications where corrosion can be an issue. This non-UL liquidtight stainless steel flexible conduit is ideal for applications that require motion, vibration and bending. ... {Read More}