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Matrix® AP Harmonic Filters are an Essential Ingredient in Major Industries

Posted on Friday Jan 10, 2020 | filters, harmonics, passive, vfd,

Matrix® AP Harmonic Filters MTE Corporation’s Matrix® Adaptive Passive (AP) Harmonic Filter is the most advanced passive filter on the market. The Matrix® AP Filter is perfect for power intensive industries like: oil & gas; wastewater & water treatment; steel & mining; and paper & printing.... {Read More}

Get the performance you expect in a harmonic filter with TCI’s HarmonicShield.

Posted on Friday Jul 07, 2017 | filters, harmonics, vfd,

TCI HarmonicShieldThe TCI, LLC HarmonicShield® (HSD) is a simplified 5% passive harmonic filter that provides performance in a cost-effective package. Based on TCI’s proven HarmonicGuard® Passive (HGP) filter design, the HarmonicShield (HSD) is designed for use with 3-phase diode bridge rectifier loads such as PWM drives. The optional contactor allows the tuning circuit to be disconnected at light loads to avoid leading power factor problems. Natural convection cooling means no moving parts. A lug kit option accommodates oversized cabling if needed. All of this is backed up by TCI’s 3-year warranty. The simplicity of the HSD design means you don’t pay for features you don’t need.... {Read More}

Schaffner’s ECOsine® Active Eliminates Harmonics and Reduces the Cost for Reactive Power

Posted on Sunday Oct 16, 2016 | harmonics, reactive-power, vfd,

Schaffner Active FilterWhether for machinery, welding equipment, variable-frequency drives, or electric motors almost all non-linear consumers can cause substantial voltage distortion. Harmonic currents up to the 50th harmonic and expensive reactive power: ECOsine® Active eliminates both direct and reliable harmonic currents up to the 50th harmonic and expensive reactive power. This improves power quality and reduces cost. It’s easy to calculate the cost savings in reactive power, however, cost reduction due to less wear on equipment, less troubleshooting, or even prevented production downtime are more difficult to quantify.... {Read More}