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Stop Installing HID Fixtures and You will Save Energy and Maintenance Costs

Posted on Thursday Apr 04, 2019 | bays, hid, high, led,

Holophane Phuzion LED fixtures in a gymnasiumWhat happens when you install Holophane’s Phuzion PHLZ LED High Bays over traditional HID fixtures? You use 50% less energy. If you include integrated photocontrols your energy savings will be boosted even more. ... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Dec 15, 2017 | arc, faults, flash, ground, grounding, high, resistance,

Post Glover HRGHigh Resistance Grounding (HRG) systems are popular in process applications because you can safely continue operation during a single line-ground fault and limit intensification of the fault into a multi-phase problem. When system reliability and safety are a major concern, experts commend using high resistance grounding for transformers and generators. When you limit ground fault current to less than 10 amps, processes can continue and arc-flash hazards from the phase to ground fault are avoided.... {Read More}