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Setup your Allen-Bradley Stratix Switch Smartports Prior to Connecting Your Devices

Posted on Friday Aug 30, 2019 | ethernet/ip, managed, network, segmentation, switch,

Allen-Bradley Stratix Switch SmartportsThe Allen-Bradley Stratix Switch Family comes equipped with Smartports. Smartports provide you with a set of configurations that will optimize your port settings for common devices such as automation devices, switches, routers, PCs and wireless devices.... {Read More}

Manage Your Network Properly with Rockwell Automation’s Stratix 5700

Posted on Friday Mar 08, 2019 | ethernet/ip, managed, network, segmentation, switch,

Rockwell Automation’s Stratix 5700Rockwell Automation’s Stratix 5700 industrial Ethernet managed switches help simplify network setup and streamline machine integration with your existing infrastructure. The Stratix is classified as a layer 2 switch that provides high-speed, low-latency and network segmentation. ... {Read More}