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Producing Reports is Easy With Sytech XLReporter

Posted on Friday Dec 25, 2020 | plc, reports, software,

Sytech XLReporterSytech’s XLReporter is reporting software for industries that produce Workbooks, Encrypted PDFs and Web Reports from templates that are designed in Microsoft Excel. It is a budget friendly product that easily will fit into your existing system. You can start with a single standalone workstation that generates automatic reports and grow to a group of workstations that will perform individual custom analysis.... {Read More}

Learn How to Use the Help Screen in Rockwell Automations Studio5000 Logix Designer®

Posted on Monday Jun 15, 2020 | automation, industrial, plc,

Rockwell Automation's Studio5000 Logix Designer®PLC Product Manager, Jeff Southern, shows you how to use the help screen in Rockwell Automation's Studio 5000 Logix Designer ® in our tech support video series. ... {Read More}

AMCI’s NR25 Networked Rotary Encoder Provides Flexibility and Cost Savings

Posted on Friday Jun 15, 2018 | encoder, ethernet/ip, plc,

Dialight Area LightWhat is the NR25 Networked Rotary Encoder from Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI)? Simply put it is a rotary encoder plus a network interface. It is comprised of a non-contact sensor, oversized bearings and O-ring seals. The non-contact sensor allows for no plastic gears or sensitive optics. With oversized bearings you realize superior axial and shaft lading. ... {Read More}

The HMS Anybus Gateway Selector Helps You Select The Right Network Combinations

Posted on Thursday Feb 22, 2018 | ethernet-ip, gateway, networks, plc,

HMS AnybusThe HMS Anybus Gateway is a translator where you connect one communication standard on one side and another communication standard on the other. With more than 300 combinations of industrial communication standards in the marketplace, it’s often hard to know which ones to choose. Do you know how to pick the correct HMS Anybus Gateway for your connectivity needs? HMS has an Anybus Gateway Selector available for you to select the two network interfaces you plan to use. ... {Read More}

With Softing’s 56eATM-tManager You Can Exchange Between Business Systems and PLCs/PACs Easily

Posted on Monday Mar 06, 2017 | controllogix, data-exchange, ethernet-ip, pac, plc,

Softing tManagertManager® Enterprise Appliance Transaction Modules (eATM® ) allow the exchange of data between business or plant computer systems and a mix of Rockwell Automation PLCs/PACs. The modules install in a ControlLogix chassis from Rockwell Automation and communicate to other Allen-Bradley controllers via the backplane, bridge modules, or EtherNet/IP through one of the front Ethernet ports. On the enterprise side, adapters are available for popular databases as well as messaging queues through various versions of Java Messaging Service.... {Read More}