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Panduit Pan-Way® is Easy to Install and ADA Compliant

Posted on Friday Nov 30, 2018 | ada, pvc, raceway,

Panduit Pan-WayPanduit’s Pan-Way® above floor raceway is a cost effective, easy-to-install alternative for routing cables in areas without access to core drilling. The low-profile, ADA compliant solution is ideal for routing network, A/V, and power cables in classrooms, conference rooms and huddle spaces. The raceway is equipped with 4 channels which allows for separation of low voltage and power cables. ... {Read More}


Posted on Friday Mar 09, 2018 | boxes, floor, raceway, recessed,

Rockwell Automation EDS FilesBuildings are more connected and intelligent than ever before. To support their changing and expanding requirements, Hubbell Delivery Systems bring power, data and audio-visual (AV) solutions to wherever they’re needed within your facility. Hubbell provides delivery systems for office buildings, schools, malls, sports stadiums, hospitals and airports.... {Read More}

Protect Your Wire and Cables with Hubbell’s Surface Raceway Systems

Posted on Saturday Oct 07, 2017 | conduit, metallic, non-metallic, raceway,

Hubbell’s Surface Raceway SystemsA raceway system helps to protect your wires and cables heat, humidity, corrosion, water intrusion and general physical threats. The channels can be mounted on walls, desks or other surface areas concealing wires and cables making areas neat and easy to maintain. They are one of the handiest cable management tools. Hubbell’s raceway systems are available in steel, aluminum and non-metallic, single or multi-channel raceways. ... {Read More}