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Test Circuits with Hubbell Twist-Lock® Testers

Posted on Friday Jun 29, 2018 | circuit, connector, receptacle, safety, tester,

Hubbell Twist-Lock TestersYou can easily test a circuit’s condition using the Hubbell Twist-Lock® Tester. It is essential to know if power is present in any receptacle or connector so that your employees are protected from electrical shock or worse. ... {Read More}

For the Most Demanding Environments Hubbell’s Advantage Series Pin and Sleeve Are a Perfect Fit

Posted on Friday Jun 03, 2016 | iec, intermateable, pin-and-sleeve, plug, receptacle,

Hubbell Pin and SleeveDemanding environments call for high-performance pin and sleeve connections. Hubbell's Advantage Series IEC switched rated pin and sleeve connections have increased horsepower ratings, the push button switching capability of a general purpose branched disconnect in a compact design. The Advantage Series gives you more flexibility, more applications and more advantages. The Advantage Series connectors are IEC 6030 9-20 and safely mates with any IEC 6030 9-20 pin and sleeve manufacturers. The Advantage Series is intermateable with your existing installed base, saving you money.... {Read More}