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Appleton’s Powertite™ Series Provides Safe, Reliable Power

Posted on Friday Feb 05, 2021 | connectors, pin-and-sleeve, plugs, receptacles,

Appleton’s Powertite™ Series Provides Safe, Reliable PowerEmerson’s redesigned Appleton 200 Amp Powertite Series pin and sleeve plugs, receptacles, and connectors help streamline wire terminations. ... {Read More}

Hubbell’s Twist-Lock® Edge Series Receptacles are the Fastest to Terminate

Posted on Friday Dec 11, 2020 | receptacles, spring-termination, wiring-devices,

Hubbell’s Twist-Lock® Edge SeriesHubbell’s Twist-Lock® edge spring termination locking receptacles deliver a significant improvement over screw receptacles that can help you reduce wiring installation time by upwards of 80 percent. With spring termination, receptacles technicians can complete the installation completely by hand without a screwdriver or torque wrench.... {Read More}

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Watertight Devices Provide You The Confidence Needed For Wet Locations

Posted on Saturday Apr 11, 2020 | devices, plates, plugs, receptacles, watertight, wiring,

Hubbell Watertight DevicesHubbell’s watertight wiring devices provide you superior water resistance and durability in harsh environments such as food processing, agriculture, amusement, and recreation construction and manufacturing. ... {Read More}

Leviton Makes Charging Your Electronic Devices Easy

Posted on Tuesday Feb 02, 2016 | electronic-devices, outlets, receptacles, usb,

Today we are more connected than ever before. We depend on our mobile devices to communicate, entertain, access information and get us where we need to go. With Leviton’s USB Charger Devices, charging your tablets, smartphones and gaming devices just became more convenient. With Leviton’s charger devices you can plug your power cord directly into the receptacle’s USB ports.... {Read More}