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Do you need to use arc flash labels on electrical equipment?

Posted on Friday Jan 22, 2021 | arc-flash, labels, nfpa, safety,

Preventing Arc Flash Injuries GuideWarning labels, information labels and manufacturer labels are a constant on electrical equipment. With so many different types of labels required, it is often confusing for facility managers to know what labels are needed, when they need to be updated and why they need to be there in the first place.... {Read More}

Brady Safety Solutions for Returning to Work

Posted on Friday May 22, 2020 | covid19, safety, signage,

Brady Safety SolutionsNo matter what type of work environment you have, we all need to stay safe and think about the way we interact and layout our spaces. The way your work areas are arranged can have a giant impact on your safety.... {Read More}

Post Glover Designs Low & High Resistance Ground Solutions To Fit Your Applications

Posted on Friday Oct 11, 2019 | grounding, resistors, safety, solutions,

Post Glover ResistorsPost Glover’s Resistor Specialists are experts in the power resistors market, delivering solutions for all your vital applications. With a broad line of neutral grounding resistor products and engineering services, they can design resistors to fit all your new applications as well as exact replacement resistors.... {Read More}

Reduce the risk of exposure to electrical hazards for improved worker Safety with Panduit VeriSafe™

Posted on Thursday Jul 25, 2019 | de-energized, safety, voltage,

VerisafeWhen servicing electrical equipment, workers must comply with safety regulations that require a voltage verification test to validate the absence of voltage. This process includes many stages that can be complex, time-consuming, and dangerous when using hand‐held electrical test equipment. ... {Read More}

What Types of Damage Can an Electrical Surge Cause to Your Facility?

Posted on Wednesday Dec 19, 2018 | lightning-strikes, safety, surge-protection,

Mersen Surge TrapYour equipment is expensive and you rely on it to meet your customers’ needs. If machines stop working, it costs you time, money and resources to get things back up and running. Mersen’s Surge-Trap® product line offers you a way to protect your sensitive control equipment at a minimal investment. These products are designed to protect your facility from harmful and preventable electrical surge damage. The majority of surge spikes originate in your own facility. However, surges can be caused by utility grid switching, lightning strikes, switching of capacitor banks and electrical accidents.... {Read More}

Test Circuits with Hubbell Twist-Lock® Testers

Posted on Friday Jun 29, 2018 | circuit, connector, receptacle, safety, tester,

Hubbell Twist-Lock TestersYou can easily test a circuit’s condition using the Hubbell Twist-Lock® Tester. It is essential to know if power is present in any receptacle or connector so that your employees are protected from electrical shock or worse. ... {Read More}

Increase Productivity with Guardmaster® 440R-ENETR EtherNet/IP™ Network Interface Using Real-Time Diagnostics

Posted on Thursday Sep 14, 2017 | ethernet-ip, relays, safety,

Guardmaster® 440R-ENETR EtherNet/IP™ Network InterfaceUsing Rockwell Automation’s Guardmaster 440R-ENETR EtherNet/IP Network Interface gives you seamless communication on an Ethernet/IP network because the safety relays are embedded with optical bus technology. When you collect information using the EtherNet/IP interface you minimize unplanned downtime and increase startup efficiencies. ... {Read More}

Why You Should Use a Cable Pull Switch From Rockwell Automation

Posted on Monday Jan 09, 2017 | cable-pull-switch, e-stop, safety,

Rockwell Automation Cable Pull 440eFor machinery such as conveyors, it is often more convenient and effective to use a cable pull device along the hazard area for your emergency stop device. These devices use a steel wire rope connected to latching pull switches so that pulling on the rope in any direction at any point along its length will trip the switch to cut off the machine power. The cable pull switches must detect both a pull on the cable as well as when the cable goes slack. Slack detection ensures that the cable is not cut and is ready for use.... {Read More}

Brady’s BBP35 Creates Color Signs and Labels That Make a Difference

Posted on Friday Apr 22, 2016 | color-labels, labels, safety, sign-maker,

Brady BBP35Safety and productivity are important and you need signs and labels that do more than just identify hazards. You need labels and signs that will make a big impact with the right visuals in the right places and in colors that will get noticed. This ensures your employees will have the information they need at-a-glance. All creating a safer work environment which helps to maintain regulatory compliance and keep your facility running efficiently. When you need to take your visuals to the next level, you don’t have time to wait for signage to be delivered. With Brady’s BBP35 color sign and label printer, you have an in-house solution.... {Read More}

What is Safety Automation Builder from Rockwell Automation?

Posted on Friday Apr 08, 2016 | safety, safety-automation-builder, safety-software,

Rockwell Automation Safety BuilderSafety Automation Builder is a software package from Rockwell Automation that allows you to develop conceptual drawings for a machine while looking at access points and hazards at working zones. It allows the development of functional safety systems and the verification of those system to prove that what you want is what you are getting. It also allows the development of a list of parts for each of those safety functions and the safety control systems.... {Read More}

Allen-Bradley GuardShield Area Access Control (AAC) Single Beam Sensors Provide Whole-Body Detection

Posted on Friday Feb 26, 2016 | light-curtains, safety, single-beam-sensors,

Allen-Bradley’s AAC single beam sensors help protect your personnel and equipment by detecting if people or objects are within a hazardous area. They are ideal for applications where people need frequent, easy and safe access to risky locations. The AAC uses a single-beam emitter and receiver unit to create a protective barrier around hazardous machines including robotic cells, transfer stations, palletizers and loading machines. ... {Read More}

Rockwell Automations PowerFlex 7000 Drives with ArchShield Help Reduce Arc Flash Hazards

Posted on Friday Jan 08, 2016 | arcshield, drives, powerflex, safety,

Rockwell Automation’s PowerFlex 7000 drive system with ArcShield technology is the latest addition to their family of arc-resistant products. The new drive system offers an integrated solution to reduce the safety burden put on industrial end users. The PowerFlex 7000 with ArcShield fits a wide range of applications that require frequent starts and stops. The technology allows you to slow down and stop your motors more quickly and efficiently.... {Read More}