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SensoPart’s Visor Object Sensor Lets You Know if the Right Part is in the Right Place

Posted on Friday Apr 20, 2018 | monitoring, position, sensors, vision,

SensoPart VisorSensoPart’s VISOR® object sensor is perfect for your applications that require position monitoring, component positioning, plastic part inspection, pick & place, and robotic applications. If you need to see if objects are present on your assembly line, lying the correct way on the conveyor belt, missing important details or incorrectly assembled, you will want to add the VISOR to your manufacturing operations. When accuracy is important, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. ... {Read More}

Rockwell Automation Knows Condition Sensing Controls

Posted on Sunday Nov 20, 2016 | io-link, pressure-sensing, sensors,

Rockwell Automation 836 SensorCapable of measuring pressure of liquid or gasses, the new Allen-Bradley® Solid-State 836P Pressure Sensors are available in display and non-display models in rugged, compact housings with corrosion resistant 316L solid-state sensor elements. The display model features embedded IO-Link 1.1 communications protocol, which allows for easy integration with The Connected Enterprise while delivering data directly into a control system in a very cost-efficient and easy-to-use manner when connected to an IO-Link Master and EtherNet/IP™.... {Read More}