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Posted on Friday Jun 07, 2019 | drives, scr, transformers, vfd,

DRIVE ISOLATION TRANSFORMERA transformer is needed to magnetically isolate incoming lines on Silicon Control Rectifier (SCR) variable speed motor drive applications. For the required voltage of the SCR drive to match a transformer must also provide a voltage change. ... {Read More}

Want to Know how Hammond Sentinel G Distribution Transformers can Save you Time and Money?

Posted on Friday Dec 28, 2018 | distribution-transformers, doe, transformers,

Hammond Sentinel G Distribution TransformersWhen looking for a distribution transformer would you like to be able to buy one that has more pre-installed standard features and can save you time and money in labor costs and extra parts? Of course you do. Hammond’s Sentinel® G distribution transformers do just that. They also meet the new DOE efficiency standards that went into effect on January 1 of this year. If you have an application that requires a transformer that is rated for 600 volts and below the HPS Sentinel® G general purpose distribution transformer is perfect for you to use when supplying appliance, lighting, heating, motorized machine and power loads from electrical distribution systems.... {Read More}

HPS Transformers Designed to Your Specifications

Posted on Friday May 26, 2017 | custom, dry-type, transformers,

HPS TransformersHammond Power Solutions can design your transformers to the specifications you need in days instead of weeks or months. Their engineering team is committed to providing solutions that fit your real-world transformer challenges. Their custom transformers include cycloconverters, excitation transformers, rectifier and traction duty transformers, mining duty excavation as well as other types you may need. HPS's design and engineering team is committed to providing custom power solutions for every real-world transformer challenge. ... {Read More}

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) Complies with DOE 2016 Energy Efficient Distribution Transformer Mandates

Posted on Friday Mar 18, 2016 | doe, efficient-transformers, transformers,

Hammond DOE 2016 Energy Efficient Distribution TransformersTransformers supply power to industrial, commercial and residential applications. They are a crucial part of our electrical infrastructure. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) established new and more stringent energy efficiency levels for transformers that went into effect on January 1, 2016. HPS supports this new legislation and the environmental benefits it provides. To stay compliant with the DOE standards, HPS redesigned their product lines based on input from customers to ensure that their transformers would still meet the needs of demanding applications.... {Read More}