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Save Time & Money with Leviton’s Lev-Lok Modular Wiring Devices

Posted on Tuesday Jul 21, 2020 | devices, modular, recepticals, switches, wiring,

Leviton’s Lev-Lok Modular Wiring DeviceLev-Lok® is a modular wiring device system from Leviton. Lev-Lok is a productivity solution for electrical construction and maintenance applications. They are significantly quicker and easier to install than traditional wiring devices.... {Read More}

Ideal’s New ArmourBand™ Insulating Wrap Makes Electricians' Lives Easier

Posted on Sunday May 31, 2020 | devices, electrical, insulated, tape, wiring, wraps,

Ideal’s New ArmourBand Insulating WrapsArmourBand™ Insulating Wraps from Ideal Electrical, is the next innovation in making electricians lives easier. ... {Read More}

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Watertight Devices Provide You The Confidence Needed For Wet Locations

Posted on Saturday Apr 11, 2020 | devices, plates, plugs, receptacles, watertight, wiring,

Hubbell Watertight DevicesHubbell’s watertight wiring devices provide you superior water resistance and durability in harsh environments such as food processing, agriculture, amusement, and recreation construction and manufacturing. ... {Read More}

Thomas & Betts' Ty-Duct Makes Wire Management Easy

Posted on Friday Dec 29, 2017 | pvc, wire-management, wiring,

Thomas and Betts Ty-DuctHave you ever opened a control panel and found yourself asking where’s the wiring? Thanks to products like Thomas & Betts Ty-duct it’s hidden. With the complexity of control panels, ty-duct offers multiple application specific materials and colors. It’s available in rigid PVC or halogen-free for use in applications with higher temperatures. ... {Read More}

When You Need Watertight Devices You Want Hubbell WD

Posted on Friday Dec 04, 2015 | watertight, wiring,

Hubbell Wiring Device Kellems introduces its newly redesigned and expanded family of watertight devices. These devices have been engineered for superior water resistance and durability in harsh environments such as food processing, construction and manufacturing. Hubbell’s full line includes Straight Blade and Locking Plugs, Connectors, Receptacles and Plates. New features include a smooth body design, free-floating cap and triple bypass seal that ensure superior performance. Hubbell’s products passed the UL 4X Watertight test when mated with your installed base. This means you don’t have to convert all of your products over at once, saving you time and money... {Read More}