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B-Line a division of Eaton, has a large list of products in the support systems, seismic bracing solutions, electrical enclosures and wireways that lower installation costs and save you valuable time. B-Line products fit many different applications in the oil and gas, mining, solar, communications and data centers, and commercial construction markets.

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Box Mounting Brackets

Box Support Brackets

Box Supports-Stabilizers

Cable Fasteners

Cable Ladder Rungs

Cable Rings & Saddles

Cable to Beam Fasteners

Channel 90-Deg Angle Fittings

Channel Angular Fittings

Channel Brackets & Braces

Channel Cable Saddle & Cushions

Channel Closure Strip & Concrete Inserts

Channel Column Support Plates

Channel End Caps

Channel Fixture Hangers

Channel Flat Plate Fittings

Channel Hangers

Channel Joiners

Channel Miscellaneous Accessories

Channel Nuts & Hardware

Channel Pipe/Tube Straps

Channel Post Bases

Channel Rollers & Trolleys

Channel Splice Clevises

Channel Supports

Channel U-Shaped Fittings

Channel Washers

Channel Wing-Shaped Fittings

Channel Z-Shaped Fittings

Channel to Beam Clamps


Circuit Breaker Enclosures

Clevis Hangers

Conduit Fasteners

Conduit Hangers

Conduit Plugs & Caps

Conduit Spacers

Conduit Straps

Conduit to Beam Clamps

Conduit to Beam Fasteners

Conduit/Cable Clamps

Conduit/Cable Clips

Conduit/Cable Fasteners

Conduit/Cable Hangers

Conduit/Cable Supports

Conduit/Cable To Channel Clamps

Conduit/Cable to Stud Fasteners

Drop-In Anchors

Electric Box Bar Hangers

Electric Box Mounting Accessories

Enclosure Doors/Covers

Enclosure Hole Seals

Enclosure Latch-Lock & Handles

Enclosure Panels

Enclosure Window, Louver, Filter Kits

Fixture, Duct & Tray Fasteners & Clips

Fixture, Duct & Tray Misc. Hangers

Fixture, Duct & Tray Wire Ropes

Floor Mount Enclosures

Hanger Rod Brackets

Hooks & Hangers

Instrumentation Enclosures

Junction Boxes

Lathers Channel Rod & Wire Fasteners

Light Fixture Hangers


Multi-Purpose Beam Fasteners

Multi-Run Cable Carriers

Octagon Boxes

Outlets Brackets & Mounting Plates

Purlin Hangers

Pushbutton Enclosures

Rack/Cabinet Frames

Rod to Beam Clamps

Rod-Bolt-Wire to Beam Fasteners


Rubber Lined Pipe Clamps

Square Box Extensions

Square Boxes

Strap Beam Fasteners

Support Hooks & Accessories

Suspension Fasteners

T-Bar Box Supports

T-Bar Fasteners

Telephone Cabinets

Threaded Rod Couplings

Threaded Rod Nuts

Threaded Rods

Wall Mount Enclosures

Wireway Connectors-Adapters

Wireway Elbows

Wireway End Plate-Caps-Flanges

Wireway Gasket Kits

Wireway Hangers

Wireway Miscellaneous Accessories

Wireway Nipples

Wireway Tees

Wireway Telescopic Fittings

Wireway Troughs & Gutters


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