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Eaton's Crouse-Hinds business has a long history in harsh and hazardous environments; with a global presence to solve your needs everywhere you do business. Their industrial / explosion proof lines include fittings, glands, electrical apparatus, lighting, and more are used in secondary electrical systems. Crouse-Hinds’ instrumentation products connect field instruments to control rooms with safe interface and network products. The wire management commercial products are designed for commercial, light industrial and residential applications. Additionally, the line of airport lighting meets FAA and ICAO requirements for runway and taxiway applications for all airfield operations.

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Air-Conditioner Disconnects

Armored/Metal Clad Cable Angle Connector

Armored/Metal Clad Cable Connectors

Breaker Handle Locks

Cast Outlet Boxes

Caulks & Sealants

Ceiling Boxes

Conduit Bodies - Explosionproof

Conduit Bodies - Type C

Conduit Bodies - Type LB

Conduit Bodies - Type LBD

Conduit Bodies - Type LL

Conduit Bodies - Type LR

Conduit Bodies - Type T

Conduit Bodies - Type TB

Conduit Bodies - Type UB

Conduit Bodies - Type X

Conduit Body Covers

Conduit Body Gaskets

Conduit Bulkhead Fittings

Conduit Bushings

Conduit Clamp Backs

Conduit Clamps & Grommets

Conduit Combination Couplings

Conduit Connectors

Conduit Couplings

Conduit Device Boxes

Conduit Device-Outlet Box Covers

Conduit Expansion-Deflection Couplings

Conduit Gaskets

Conduit Hangers

Conduit Hubs

Conduit Locknuts

Conduit Nipples

Conduit Plugs & Caps

Conduit Pull Elbows

Conduit Reducers

Conduit Sealing Fittings

Conduit Sealing Rings-Washers

Conduit Snap in Blanks

Conduit Straps

Conduit Unions

Conduit to Beam Clamps

Device Box Covers

Device Boxes

Electric Box Covers

Electric Box Mounting Accessories

Enclosure Doors/Covers

Explosion-Proof Cable Bushings/Glands

Explosion-Proof Cable Connectors

Explosionproof Conduit Breather & Drains

Explosionproof Conduit Bushings

Explosionproof Conduit Couplings

Explosionproof Conduit Elbows

Explosionproof Conduit Outlet Boxes

Explosionproof Conduit Plugs & Caps

Explosionproof Conduit Reducers

Explosionproof Conduit Sealing Fittings

Explosionproof Conduit Unions

Explosionproof Pin & Sleeve Plugs

Explosionproof Pin & Sleeve Receptacles

Explosionproof Receptacle-Box Assemblies

Flexible Cord Connectors - 90 Degree

Flexible Cord Connectors - Straight

Gang Box

Gang Box Covers

Gang Box Plaster/Mud Rings

Hazardous Location Disconnect Switches

Junction Boxes

Light Fixture Hangers

Liquid Tight Straight Cord Connectors

Liquidtight Conduit Connectors

Liquidtight Conduit Couplings

Locking Receptacles

Masonry Box


Nonmetallic Sheathed Cable Connectors

Octagon Box Covers

Octagon Boxes

Panelboard Interiors

Pin & Sleeve Angle Adapters

Pin & Sleeve Back Boxes

Pin & Sleeve Connectors

Pin & Sleeve Device Accessories

Pin & Sleeve Device Housings

Pin & Sleeve Plugs

Pin & Sleeve Receptacle-Box Assemblies

Pin & Sleeve Receptacles With Disconnect

Single Pole Plugs

Square Box Covers

Square Box Extensions

Square Box Plaster/Mud Rings

Square Boxes

Switch - Device Outlet Boxes

Switch Ground & Neutral Components

Utility - Handy Box

Utility - Handy Box Covers

Weatherproof Box Closure Plugs

Weatherproof Device/Outlet Box Covers

Weatherproof Device/Outlet Boxes

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