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Panduit is a global manufacturer of physical infrastructure solutions that support power, communications, computing, control, and security systems. The company has a global coverage of more than 4,000 employees with support in over 120 countries.

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Arc Flash Labels

Blank Inserts

Braided Sleeves

Bullet Crimp Terminals

Butt Splices

CU Media Patch Panels - Unloaded

Cable & Wire Crimping Tools

Cable Straps & Clamps

Cable Tie Holders & Mountings

Cable Tie Identification Plates

Cable Tie Tools

Cable Tubing

Clip on Wire Markers

Compression C-Taps

Compression Multi Taps

Compression Tap Pigtails & Stems

Conduit & Voltage Markers

Conduit/Cable Clamps

Conduit/Cable Clips

Conduit/Cable Supports

Copper Connector & Plug Accessories

Copper Connectors

Copper Patch Cords

Cordless Crimpers

Cordless Tool Accessories

Crimp Terminals & Splices Kits

Crimping Tool Dies

Double Loop Cable Ties

Electrical Label Tapes

Electrical Lockouts

Faceplate Adapter Frames

Female Crimp Terminals

Fiber Kit Components

Fiber Optic Adapters

Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber Optic Enclosures

Fiber Optic Indoor Cables

Fiber Optic Indoor/Outdoor Cables

Fiber Optic Patch Cords

Fiber Optic Patch Panels - Loaded

Fork Tongue Terminals

Grommet Edging

Ground & Neutral Bars

Grounding & Bonding Kits

Grounding-Bonding Clamps

Grounding-Bonding Post, Bar-Flat Surface

Heat Shrink Tubing

Identification Cable Ties

Keystone Modules

Label Printer Ribbons

Label Printers

Letters & Numbers

Lug Compression Connectors

Male Crimp Terminals

Mechanical Multiple Cable Taps

Mechanical Terminal Lugs

Miniature Cable Ties


Miscellaneous Crimp Terminals

Miscellaneous Electrical Labels & Signs

Modular Adapter Insert Faceplates

Mounting Ties

Multimedia-Modular Jack Faceplates

Non-Metallic Raceways

Panel Labels

Parallel Splices

Pin Terminals

Raceway Bases

Raceway Clips/Couplings

Raceway Corner Fittings

Raceway Covers

Raceway Dividers

Raceway End Fittings

Raceway Outlet Box Covers & Plates

Raceway Outlet Boxes

Raceway Tee Fittings

Rack/Cabinet Cable Organizers

Rack/Cabinet Miscellaneous Accessories

Ring Lugs

Round Hole Wiring Ducts

Shrink-On Tubing Kits

Shrink-On Tubing Labels

Slotted Wall Wiring Ducts

Solid Wall Wiring Ducts

Special Application Cable Ties

Spiral Wrapping

Split Bolt Connectors

Standard Cable Ties

Surface Mount Boxes

UTP Jack Inserts

Velcro Cable Ties

Wire & Cable Ferrules

Wire & Component Books

Wire & Component Labels

Wire Joints

Wire Marker Cards

Wiring Duct Covers

Wiring Duct Dividers

Wiring Duct Miscellaneous Accessories

Wiring Duct Wire Retainers

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