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Hubbell Wiring Devices began in 1888 by found, Harvey Hubbell II. Harvey Hubbell was an inventor and entrepreneur. Hubbell received no less than 45 patents in his life time. The pull-chain light socket (patented in 1896) and electrical plug (patented in 1904) are two of his best known inventions and ones that brought about the accessibility of portable electrical devices. The Hubbell Wiring Device family is comprised of wiring devices; wiring systems, wire management, floor boxes and covers, raceway, interconnect systems and GFCI / tamper-resistant products and electric vehicle charging stations. They have a global market that includes harsh/hazardous location, commercial and residential markets. Hubbell also offers specialized wiring products for the marine and healthcare industries.

Visit Manufacturer's Website: Wiring Device-Kellems

AC Motor Starting Switches

AC Switches

Audio/Video Blank Inserts

Blank Face GFCI Receptacles

Blank Wallplates

Cable Gland Adapters

Cable Gland Locknuts

Cable Pulling & Support Grips

Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors

Combination Outlets

Combination Wallplates

Conduit Adapters

Copper Patch Cords

Decorative Switches

Device Boxes

Electric Box Covers

Enclosed Rotary Disconnects

Enclosure Doors/Covers

Extension Cord Reel Accessories

Extension Cord Reels - Retracting

Extension Cord Reels with Hand Lamps

Extension Cords

Faceplate Adapter Frames

Flexible Cable Grip Springs

Flexible Cable Grip Wire Meshes

Flexible Cord Connectors - 45 Degree

Flexible Cord Connectors - 90 Degree

Flexible Cord Connectors - Straight

Flexible Cord Connectors with Grips

Floor Box Covers

Floor Box Outlet Face Plates

Floor Boxes

Fluorescent Starters

GFCI Receptacles

GFI Distribution Boxes-Outlets

GFI In-Line Cord Sets

General Duty Safety Switches

Hard Wired GFCI

Keylock Switches

Lamp Holders

Liquid Tight Straight Cord Connectors

Liquidtight Conduit Connectors

Liquidtight Conduit Connectors w/Grips

Liquidtight Conduit Grips

Liquidtight Flexible Non-Metallic Tubing

Locking Connectors

Locking Device Accessories

Locking Device Covers

Locking Flanged Inlets & Outlets

Locking Plugs

Locking Receptacles

Locking Switches


Multimedia-Modular Jack Faceplates

Pin & Sleeve Back Boxes

Pin & Sleeve Caps

Pin & Sleeve Conduit Adapters

Pin & Sleeve Connectors

Pin & Sleeve Device Accessories

Pin & Sleeve Inlets

Pin & Sleeve Mechanical Interlock Device

Pin & Sleeve Plugs

Pin & Sleeve Receptacles

Poke-Through Assembled Units

Poke-Through Base Components

Poke-Through Covers

Power Outlet Boxes

Power Poles

Raceway Bases

Raceway Clips/Couplings

Raceway Connectors/Adapters

Raceway Covers

Raceway Elbows

Raceway Outlet Box Covers & Plates

Raceway Outlet Boxes

Receptacle Wallplates

Receptacles & USB Ports

Replacement Bushings/Gland, Single Cable

Rocker Switches

Safety/Disconnect Miscellaneous Access.

Single Pole Connector Caps & Covers

Single Pole Plugs

Single Pole Receptacles

Specialty Switches

Standard Wallplates

Straight Blade Connectors

Straight Blade Flanged Inlets & Outlets

Straight Blade Plug Adapters

Straight Blade Plugs

Straight Blade Receptacles

Straight Blade Surge Suppressions

String Lighting

Temporary Power Distribution Boxes/Carts

Toggle Switches

UTP Jack Inserts

Utility - Handy Box

Wall Mount Occupancy Sensors

Weatherproof Box Boots

Weatherproof Device/Outlet Box Covers

While-In-Use Covers

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