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Bussmann, by Eaton, is the industry leader in critical circuit protection fuses, power management and electrical safety. Bussmann products are intended to provide circuit and power electronics protection, in commercial, data center, electrical vehicle, food and beverage markets.

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Armored/Metal Clad Cable Connectors

Automotive Fuses

Cable Limiter Fuses

Cable to Beam Fasteners

Cartridge Fuses

Channel & Strut Mounting Clamps

Channel 90-Deg Angle Fittings

Channel Angular Fittings

Channel Brackets & Braces

Channel End Caps

Channel Flat Plate Fittings

Channel Joiners

Channel Nuts & Hardware

Channel Pipe/Tube Straps

Channel Post Bases

Channel Splice Clevises

Channel Z-Shaped Fittings

Channel to Beam Clamps


Class CC Fuses

Class G Fuses

Class H Fuses

Class J Fuses

Class L Fuses

Class RK1 Fuses

Class RK5 Fuses

Class T Fuses

Conduit Bodies - Type LL

Conduit Body Covers

Conduit Bushings

Conduit Clamps & Grommets

Conduit Connectors

Conduit Couplings

Conduit Device Boxes

Conduit Hangers

Conduit Hubs

Conduit Locknuts

Conduit Nipples

Conduit Plugs & Caps

Conduit Pull Elbows

Conduit Straps

Conduit to Beam Clamps

Conduit/Cable Clamps

Conduit/Cable To Channel Clamps

Disconnect Switch Handle Shafts

Disconnect Switch Operating Handles

Electric Box Mounting Accessories

Electronic Fuses

Enclosure Doors/Covers

Euro-IEC Fuses

Explosion-Proof Cable Bushings/Glands

Explosion-Proof Cable Connectors

Explosionproof Conduit Hubs

Explosionproof Conduit Outlet Boxes

Explosionproof Conduit Plugs & Caps

Explosionproof Conduit Sealing Fittings

Fast Acting Fuses

Flexible Cord Connectors - Straight

Fuse Block Covers

Fuse Covers

Fuse Links - Medium & High Voltage

Fuse Miscellaneous Accessories

Fuses, Distribution & Transmission

Fusible Modules

High Speed Fuses

In-Line Fuse Holders & Insulators

In-Line Fuses

Light Fixture Hangers

Lighting Mounting Accessories

Liquid Tight Straight Cord Connectors

Liquidtight Conduit Connectors

Midget Fuse Blocks

Midget Fuses

Midget and CL-CC Fuse Holders


Multi Pole Distribution Blocks

One-Time Fuses

Open Rotary Control Disconnects

Pin & Sleeve Back Boxes

Pin & Sleeve Plugs

Pin & Sleeve Receptacles With Disconnect

Rubber Lined Pipe Clamps

Safety/Disconnect Switch Terminal Shroud

Semiconductor Fuses

Single Pole Connector Caps & Covers

Single Pole Distribution Blocks

Single Pole Plugs

Single Pole Receptacles

Special Purpose Fuse Blocks

Specialty Fuses

Square Box Covers

Standard Wallplates

Support Hooks & Accessories

Threaded Rod Clips & Hangers

Time Delay Fuses

UL Class Fuses

UL Class Power Fuse Blocks

UL Class Power Fuse Holders

UL Class Power Fuse Reducers

Weatherproof Device/Outlet Box Covers

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