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Cantex is a leading producer of PVC products with 8 manufacturing facilities. Cantex manufactures nonmetallic electrical conduit, fittings, accessories, utility and communications duct, directional boring conduit and residential switch and outlet boxes. Their production facilities include extrusion, injection molding and fabrication processes to produce PVC products which serve the power, utility, building construction and communications markets.

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Conduit Adapters

Conduit Bodies - Type C

Conduit Bodies - Type E

Conduit Bodies - Type LL

Conduit Bodies - Type LR

Conduit Bushings

Conduit Cements & Primers

Conduit Couplings

Conduit Elbows

Conduit End Bells

Conduit Entrance Caps

Conduit Expansion-Deflection Couplings

Conduit Junction Boxes

Conduit Offsets

Conduit Plugs & Caps

Conduit Pull Elbows

Conduit Spacers

Device Box Covers

Device Boxes

Liquidtight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit


Weatherproof Device/Outlet Box Covers

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