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Cutler-Hammer, an Eaton company, understands that you need to keep power running to your home and business. They also know the importance of providing you a wide range of products and solutions. Cutler-Hammer’s surge protection product devices guard against the harmful effects of lightning, utility switching, and switching electric motors for a multitude of applications including residential telecommunication facilities, hospitals, schools or heavy industrial plants. Cutler-Hammer keeps industries in the automotive, electrical, retail and truck industries up and running.

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AC Motor Starting Switches

AC Surge Protective Devices

Air-Conditioner Disconnects

Arc-Fault Circuit Breakers

Breaker Frames

Breaker Handle Locks

Breaker Handle Ties & Extensions

Breaker Hold Down Kits

Breaker Mounting Accessories

Breaker Terminal Shields

Busway Fusible Plug Units

Circuit Breaker Enclosures

Conduit Hubs

Control Transformers

Device Boxes

Electronic Circuit Breakers

Finger-Safe Insulating Covers

Flexible Cord Connectors - Straight

General Purpose - Multi-Use Transformers

Ground-Fault Circuit Breakers

Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Load Center Covers & Doors

Load Center Filler Plates

Load Center Mechanical Interlock Covers

Load Center Neutral & Ground Bars

Load Center Surge Protection Devices

Meter Hub Closure Plates

Meter Hubs

Meter Packs

Meter Sockets - Single Position

Meter Stack Modules

Meter Terminals

Metering Miscellaneous Accessories

Mini Power Centers

Miniature Circuit Breakers


Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Motor Circuit Protectors

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

Palm Button Switches

Panelboard Boxes

Panelboard Breakers

Panelboard Enclosures

Panelboard Fronts & Trims

Panelboard Ground & Neutral Components

Panelboard Interiors

Panelboard Lugs

Panelboard Miscellaneous Accessories

Power Monitors

Safety/Disconnect Auxiliary Contacts

Safety/Disconnect Fuse Clip Kits

Safety/Disconnect Miscellaneous Access.

Safety/Disconnect Switch Hubs

Safety/Disconnect Terminal Lugs

Single Phase Main Breaker Load Centers

Single Phase Main Lug Load Centers

Single-Throw Disconnects

Special Application Safety Switches

Stack Light Replacement Lamps

Std Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Supplementary Protectors

Surge Protector Accessories

Switch Ground & Neutral Components

Terminal Block End Stops

Three Phase Main Breaker Load Centers

Three Phase Main Lug Load Centers

Transformer Connector Kits

Transformer Termination Kits

Transformer Weathershield Kits

Weatherproof Device/Outlet Box Covers

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