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An integrated motion design approach for your simple and complex machines simplifies machine development, deployment, use and maintenance. It allows you to optimize your productivity and achieve faster startups. We offer a broad range of motion control devices including servo drives, servo motors, encoders and actuators. Achieve faster processing of your machines without losing accuracy and flexibility. The right motion control solutions can provide the enhanced functionality you need to fulfill your production process requirements.

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General Purpose Motion Products

A comprehensive group of motion products allows you to pair directly to the load—eliminating transmission components which add backlash and compliance to the system—or improve the inertia ratio of the system with a larger rotor inertia. Your integrated motion system benefits from reduced mechanical vibration, improved dynamic performance and lower power consumption.

Safety Motion Control

Safety features are no longer added into a machine after completion but are an integral part of its design. This is true for motion components such as drives, controllers and PLCs where drives safety monitoring is part of safe motion control. With an integrated safety and motion solution, fewer components are needed than with a traditional safety solution, reducing your application development time. It also decreases the amount of space used in your electrical enclosure and allows for easier commissioning, configuration and startup.

Allen-Brady’s Kinetix family of Servo Drives offer compact single-axis for simple applications or multi-axis for high-performance applications that work with your Integrated Architecture™ system.

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Rockwell Automation Video: Kinetix 5700 Integrated Motion in EtherNet/IP Servo Drive

Ethernet/IP for Motion Control Applications

When you use an open Ethernet/IP network with your application, you can achieve high-performance integrated motion. Machine builders have more flexibility to scale, design and control their environment using an integrated motion Ethernet/IP solution. You can reduce commissioning time and improve performance while saving power and space to help your machine run faster.

Integrated Motion Systems

Integrated motion systems use Logix control architecture with motion modules. To provide the most efficient integrated motion system, there are a wide range of products to help meet your needs. For a full list of our motion product lines and mechatronics solutions, check out our line card.