• Supplier Alert

McNaughton-McKay Electric Company is experiencing a Fraud Scam. There is a person or group claiming to be representatives from McNaughton-McKay sending requests for quotes via email. Many of these use real names of McNaughton-McKay employees, but contact information that is not associated with the company. Their goal is to get material shipped to an alternate (non-McNaughton-McKay) address, but the invoice to go to McNaughton-McKay.

We are in contact with our local authorities, but please be on the lookout for any unusual correspondence or requests. We encourage you to call us at 248-399-7500 and ask for one of the contacts below for verification or to report any occurrences of potential fraudulent activity.

  • Scott Sellers, Executive Vice President, Operations
  • John Kuczmanski, Executive Vice President & CFO
  • George Hampton, Corporate Controller
  • Tim Gibson, Director of Finance, SR
  • Bob Kuntzman, Director, Procurement & Materials Management

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