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Visualization Virtual Roadshow 2021

Improve Productivity, Increase Security and Reduce Time to Market with Modern Visualization Solutions

The world changed in many ways over the last year, including manufacturing facilities. COVID-19 drove the need to increase productivity and security in facilities, while also challenging the status quo in terms of how machine operators do their respective jobs. Increased sanitation requirements and limitations due to social distancing also required doing things in different ways while achieving the same or greater output .

Join us for a conversation on real-world manufacturing issues and how they can be addressed with state-of-the art Visualization Systems including our new line of Industrial PCs, software enhancements and thin client technology.



  • Speakers and Topics
  • The Visualization Solution Portfolio

Empowering Flexible and Scalable Operations

  • The Technology
  • Remote Operations & Diagnostics
  •  Making your Facility More Secure
  •  The Human Side
  •  Workforce Turnover, Generational Attrition
  •  Worker Safety and Productivity
  • Greater Uptime, Decreased MTTR

Event information

August 24, 2021
3:00 PM Eastern