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2022 Visualization Virtual Roadshow

Historically, your automation investments were made to avoid downtime risk and ensure support.

Today, that’s not enough. To differentiate from your competition, you should take advantage of modern devices that have built-in diagnostics and information to allow operators to be more proactive.

You must modernize to ensure protection from cybersecurity threats and maintain compliance to new and increasing safety standards. You do not have to take this on yourself. Allow us at Rockwell Automation to share our experiences in modernization and empower you to take the next steps.



  • Speakers and topics


  • Imperative for connectivity, cybersecurity protection and modern analytics


  • Defense in depth focusing on flexibility, openness and consistency


  • Empowering operations reducing custom coding

The Journey

  • Tailored help from Rockwell Automation to support a customer DIY up to a full turn-key solution

Conclusion and Call to Action

Event information

December 8, 2022
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST