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    Producing Reports is Easy With Sytech XLReporter

    Sytech’s XLReporter is reporting software for industries that produce Workbooks, Encrypted PDFs and Web Reports from templates that are designed in Microsoft Excel. It is a budget friendly product that easily will fit into your existing system. You can start with a single standalone workstation that generates automatic reports and grow to a group of workstations that will perform individual custom analysis.

  • Featured Manufacturers

    Panduit® BlackFin™ Battery-Powered Crimping Tools Are OSHA Compliant

    Battery-powered hydraulic crimping tools aid in the connection of permanent compression connectors used to connect or terminate electrical wire. The tool permits you to complete multiple crimps with the required force to achieve certified connections. The Panduit® BlackFin™ battery-powered crimping tools meet OSHA requirements and international safety standards for battery-operated hand tools. Advances in battery-powered hydraulic crimping tools technology allow you to perform multiple crimps per work shift with far less effort than manual hydraulic tools.

  • Featured Manufacturers

    SolaHD’s SVL Din Rail Power Supply Provides the Performance You Need in a Compact Size

    SolaHD’s SVL Series of DIN rail power supplies are ideal for high volume, controlled environments where power factor correction, overload, under-voltage and short circuit protection with visual verification is essential. Its compact design makes it easy to install providing you the needed requirements of power quality technology. The SVL’s reliability lets you rest easy knowing that your critical machinery is safe in practically any operating environment, including hazardous locations. The SVL is equipped with convection cooling reducing the temperature of internal components without the need of a fan that may serve as a failure point for the device.

  • Featured Manufacturers

    CompactLogix™ Controller 1769

    Rockwell Automation’s CompactLogix 5370 L1 controllers are the perfect combination of Logix architecture and Point I/O ™ modules in a compact, reasonably priced platform. Machine builders and end users can take advantage of this lower cost Integrated Architecture system. It is perfect for small to mid-size applications that need low axis motion and I/O point counts. Support is included for Device Level Ring (DLR) network topologies to help increase your network’s flexibility. To maximize your scalability, Integrated Motion support is offered over EtherNet/IP.

  • Featured Manufacturers

    Appleton’s Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaire is the Industrial Fixture of Choice

    LED lighting continues to improve with Appleton’s Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaire. It’s the fixture of choice for a wide range of industrial applications and other areas where flammable gas vapors are present as well as marine and wet locations. With 3 light available outputs, replacing HID fixtures up to 150 watts is easy. They have lower weight, slimmer profile, smaller diameter and a robust design. Plus, no heat dissipation fins are required. They are perfectly suited for low mounting heights of 15 feet or less.

  • Featured Manufacturers


    The TCI, LLC HarmonicShield® (HSD) is a simplified 5% passive harmonic filter that provides performance in a cost-effective package. Based on TCI’s proven HarmonicGuard® Passive (HGP) filter design, the HarmonicShield (HSD) is designed for use with 3-phase diode bridge rectifier loads such as PWM drives. The optional contactor allows the tuning circuit to be disconnected at light loads to avoid leading power factor problems. Natural convection cooling means no moving parts. A lug kit option accommodates oversized cabling if needed.

  • Featured Manufacturers

    FLIR C3 Thermal Imaging System is a Powerful, Compact Camera Ideal for Any Situation

    The FLIR C3 is a tool you’ll want to have with you always. Don’t let a pocket-sized thermal camera fool you. The C3 is a full-featured thermal imaging camera that can find hot fuses, cold air leaks, plumbing issues plus a whole lot more. You can quickly find hidden problems, share images and document repairs with the C3’s MSX® real-time imaging, area maximum and minimum temperature measurement and Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Featured Manufacturers

    Mersen’s HelioProtection® HP6M Fuses With Low Fault Current Interrupting Capability For Photovoltaics

    Reverse currents are no longer a concern when you use Mersen’s HP6M photovoltaic (PV) fuse series. The fuses are designed specifically to protect your photovoltaic systems. Designed for low minimum breaking capacity capabilities of 1.35 times the fuse rated current value, allows for safe circuit interruption under typical low fault current conditions produced by PV arrays which meets IEC and UL standards.

  • Featured Manufacturers

    Onsite Managed Inventory Customized to Your Business Needs

    McNaughton-McKay’s inventory management program has been dubbed as the Customer Alliance Program or CAP for short. It is a collaborative effort when we develop a partnership, we effectively and efficiently manage your inventory onsite ensuring you have the parts you need when you need them. We offer customized programs that are managed by our dedicated CAP resources. Our CAP services and solutions, focus on four main categories of business. Vendor managed inventory which is ideal for maintenance shops. Mobile storerooms for large projects and outages. Vending machines that can provide access to everyday items such as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Universal waste recycling ensuring you stay compliant with the recycling of lamps, ballasts, batteries and other materials. With our CAP program, we will be working together to more efficiently manage your inventory saving you time, money and effort.

  • Featured Manufacturers

    Rockwell Automation’s PanelView Plus 7 Graphic Terminals Include EtherNet Connectivity with Remote Access

    Rockwell Automation’s PanelView™ Plus 7 Performance terminals are operator interface devices. They monitor and control devices that are attached to ControlLogix® and CompactLogix™ 5370 controllers on an EtherNet/IP network. Animated graphic and text displays provide you with a view into the operating state of a machine or process. Giving you the ability to interact with the control system by using touch screen or keypad input.

  • Featured Manufacturers


    Where is solar really going these days? Do you wonder what will happen if the utility companies change their rules? Have you been considering going solar but are worried the incentives won’t always be available? What if you need to start small and expand later? OutBack Power has the solution for future-perfect solar energy in the Radian Inverter Family with GridZero Technology.

  • Featured Manufacturers

    IPDisplays LED and LCD Displays Save Time and Money

    IPDisplays manufacturers smart LED and LCD signage. You can use their products in a variety of applications and industries where immediate real-time feedback to management and is needed to enhance operations, productivity, improve customer service, and inform employees. The smart visual displays and digital signage is unique because they are driven by software that allows them to process and display information from a variety of sources without the aid of middleware or a server.


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