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    Mersen’s MVCF System is intended to decrease Arc-Flash incidents when a medium voltage transformer is in use. This is the first fuse to provide normal short-circuit and overload protection that can also open on command. The A155CNF series works just like a regular medium voltage fuse under short circuit and overload situations. The big difference is when it is connected to an Arc-Flash detection system the MVCF will open the circuit in time to limit hazard to Category 2 PPE.

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    Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) Complies with DOE 2016 Energy Efficient Distribution Transformer Mandates

    Transformers supply power to industrial, commercial and residential applications. They are a crucial part of our electrical infrastructure. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) established new and more stringent energy efficiency levels for transformers that went into effect on January 1, 2016. HPS supports this new legislation and the environmental benefits it provides. To stay compliant with the DOE standards, HPS redesigned their product lines based on input from customers to ensure that their transformers would still meet the needs of demanding applications.

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    One Stop Shop for Your Product Repairs

    When you have faulty industrial automation parts, your company faces a real challenge. You have to consider how you handle these broken parts while still adequately using your assets and keeping your costs down. With a single source repair solution from McNaughton-McKay, all of your electrical, electronic, mechanical and servo product repairs can be handled with one phone call. Our services are available for all manufacturers. Your malfunctioning parts are cleaned, tested and analyzed. Then they are repaired, replaced and re-tested. Compared with purchasing new equipment, you can save on average 40% when you choose to repair products. Every repair carries a one year warranty on the complete unit. By taking advantage of a single source for multiple manufacturer product repairs, you save time and money.

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    Greenlee’s Conduit Bending Table Has Gone Mobile

    Greenlee’s newest bending innovation is the 881 Mobile Bending Table (MBT). The MBT is an all in one bending solution that gives operators the power and performance of the popular 881 bender on a wheeled table. It’s quick to setup and stores all components used for the 881 bender. It can also be wheeled around the job site with ease. This saves crews nearly an hour with every move. Whether you already own the 881 bender or our purchasing the bender and table together, the unit is rugged, feature-rich and designed to get each job done faster, safer and easier. Just wheel it into position, plug it in and start bending up to 4 inch rigid conduit. The 881MBT will save you time and money on the job site while enhancing your crew’s productivity.

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    Safety Automation Builder is a software package from Rockwell Automation that allows you to develop conceptual drawings for a machine while looking at access points and hazards at working zones. It allows the development of functional safety systems and the verification of those system to prove that what you want is what you are getting. It also allows the development of a list of parts for each of those safety functions and the safety control systems.

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    Cloud Based Monitoring with Dialight’s LED High Bay Fixtures

    Dialight is a leader in smart controls that give you the power to manage and control your facility lighting. Their new CE compliant and UL-certified Vigilant LED High Bay fixture has integrated controls and cloud based monitoring. These fixtures are ideal for industrial applications that include manufacturing, material handling and a host of other demanding applications. The new Vigilant features 125 lumens/watt with cloud based smart controlled LED lighting systems. 

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    Safety and productivity are important and you need signs and labels that do more than just identify hazards. You need labels and signs that will make a big impact with the right visuals in the right places and in colors that will get noticed. This ensures your employees will have the information they need at-a-glance. All creating a safer work environment which helps to maintain regulatory compliance and keep your facility running efficiently. When you need to take your visuals to the next level, you don’t have time to wait for signage to be delivered. With Brady’s BBP35 color sign and label printer, you have an in-house solution.

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    What sets the Hoffman Proline G2 apart making it ideal for industrial environments? In short - it’s durability, custom colors, security, and ease of use. A secure door close on an electrical enclosure is an important safety consideration. The Proline G2 has a durable powder coated paint finish both inside and out, a door with a solid swing designed for high load capacity, and a smooth glide latching system. The smooth glide latching system ensures easy latching over the lifetime of the enclosure. A combination of a sturdy, double flange latch rod and three Delrin® roller pins prevent metal on metal grinding. 

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    Complexity is the Enemy of Security – Tempered Networks Has Solutions

    Effective security is no long an option – it’s mandatory. Would you get on a pane that was sort of maintained? No, of course you wouldn’t. So, why would you have a network that is kind of secure? The truth is the internet, TCP/IP, isn’t secure. It was never designed to be secure, and yet it is the backbone of global commerce and communications. The information that travels across the internet is valuable and it is big business to steal it. Some of the biggest risks in network security aren’t equipment or technology related. They are people related.

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    Several years ago the food and beverage industry came to General Cable and said they were looking for a product that had all the properties of a rubber cord product, was rugged, durable and could withstand the wash-down cycles that are required in their industry. In response, General Cable developed a product that has all the chemical and abrasion properties of a typical rubber portable cord product, but also has the ability within the compound of the cable to make it through a wash-down cycle and clean off organic materials better. With typical rubber, dirt and grime adheres to the jacket and doesn’t come loose. 

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    Rockwell Automation has introduced a new line of Visible Blade disconnect switches in their Bulletin 1494U release. The 1494U replaces the 1494V Variable Depth and 1494C Cable Operated 30A, 60A and 100A Disconnect Switches. The new switch is more compact and reduces panel space to help save you time and money because of its flexibility for multiple applications and technology needs. With the disconnect switches’ universal mechanism it can be field connected for rod or cable operation. With the cable option, you also have the flexibility to mount the switch anywhere in the panel, regardless of where the handle is located. 

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    The Fluke ScopeMeter 120 Series is a compact, rugged solution for industrial troubleshooting and installation applications. It’s an integrated test tool, with oscilloscope, multimeter and paperless recorder in an affordable, easy to use instrument. You can find answers fast to problems in machinery, instrumentation, control and power systems. The 120B Series helps technicians troubleshoot faster meaning you get quicker answers to problems keeping your systems up and running.


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