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Protect Industrial Operations Using Modern Cybersecurity Practices

It can be difficult to protect crucial infrastructure. Because the stakes and hazards are so high, any security compromise may be disastrous for your company and clients.

Cyberattacks against operational technology (OT) systems have increased significantly in recent years. These attacks have become more common and sophisticated, with often disastrous results. Action is required immediately to stay ahead of bad actors, but it might be difficult to know where to begin.

Here is a Top 10 Actionable Steps to Managing Security Risks whitepaper for your reference. 

Risk Assessment

Get started with a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to uncover vulnerabilities in your network.

Cybersecurity Webinar

Learn how IT and OT departments need to work together to decrease organizational cybersecurity risks.



McNaughton-McKay’s complete industrial network and cybersecurity offerings are designed to secure and protect your operational technology (OT), from plant floor to cloud. We work with Rockwell Automation professionals who have specific OT cybersecurity experience to provide you with the resources you need to manage risk across your entire OT infrastructure and operational environment. Deploy a solution specific to your production needs with capabilities that span the whole attack continuum on any automation platform, with any number of sites, anywhere.


Watch this dramatization of a cyberattack, carried out by a threat actor using a removable device commonly found in industrial operations, to see how this type of attack is accomplished, how it’s discovered, and what steps are taken to respond to the attack and neutralize it.

Having proper cybersecurity best practices such as continuous threat detection, managed Security Operations Center (cSOC) services, and incident response in place ahead of time can save precious minutes and seconds in a cyberattack. 

VIDEO: Defending a Water/Wastewater Facility Against a Simulated Cyberattack