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NAED’s Certified Electrical Professional Certification


The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) aids electrical distributors with tools, information and assistance to improve the distribution of electrical supplies. One of their main services to distributors is educational opportunities. NAED has partnered with the elearning provider, Go1, to curate the Certified Electrical Professional Certification Programs (CEP). CEP is an enhanced sales and management training program for associates at every level of sales (inside, outside, and counter sales) within electrical distribution. McNaughton-McKay has participated in this certification program over the years, offering employees the opportunity to elevate their level of professionalism, customer service, and other key sales competencies. When the training courses are completed, the participants will be experts in both sales skills and product knowledge. The CEP Certification mission helps increase performance by setting standards for industry job roles and assessing individuals against those standards. The program curriculum includes:

CEP-sales (available for outside sales, inside sales and counter sales)
  • Job aids and industry-leading negotiation strategies
  • Product-specific training with EDGE® 
  • Targeted competencies delivered in a single certification
  • Student Study Guide for greater knowledge retention and preparedness for the final exam
  • CEP Code of Ethics

CEP-Manager guide
  • Open-ended questions following each unit to reiterate objectives for learners
  • Opportunities to generate goals for their company or region
  • Visibility into the content offered to employees