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7 Ways CMMS Solves 90% of Your Maintenance Problems


Does your maintenance team face daily challenges of breakdowns, backlogs, missing parts, and cost overruns? Fiix’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) has seven features that can help to eliminate 90% of your headaches.

  1. WORK ORDER BUILDER – Eliminates downtime, inefficiency, and lack of information
  2. SCHEDULE MAINTENANCE PLANNER – Removes relying on reactive maintenance, doing too much preventative maintenance (PM), and overspending
  3. ASSET PROFILES – Assists with demanding audits, building accurate budgets, and inefficient PMs
  4. MAINTENANCE DASHBOARD – Reduces overwhelming backlog, miscommunication, and poor asset health
  5. INVENTORY CONTROL – Eliminates disconnected maintenance, high costs, and hard to find or missing inventory
  6. MOBILE APP – Aides in missing, incomplete, and inaccurate information, slow emergency response time, and touch working conditions
  7. ONE-CLICK REPORTING – Helps find the ROI of maintenance, save time, and identify problems and solutions

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