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Electric Vehicles Make up 5% of all Cars on the Road


The environmentally conscious driver is on the rise and so is the number of EVs on the road. These drivers are also a section of your current and potential employees and it’s a great time to start planning for this wave of the future. When selecting a place to work, today’s top talent is seeking and taking into consideration whether their future employer offers EV charging stations. To make their commute, your employees need on-site EV charging and if you don’t provide it they will find an employer that does. They want and need this benefit.

So, What's in it for your company if you install charging stations?
  • Top talent will be attracted to your company and you will retain them.
  • Your brand will be looked at as a green leader and sustainable company.
  • Your benefits package becomes more competitive.

  • They save money in fuel costs.
  • They stay true to their sustainability goals and environmental concerns.
  • They have worry-free commutes because they know their charging needs are provided for at work.

If you haven’t started the conversation about installing EV charging stations, it’s never too late. There are tons of solutions available to allow your company to provide on-site EV charging as a benefit to your employees. One option to consider is ChargePoint chargers. These charging stations don’t just charge EVs they are smart stations which allow you to control who uses your stations and the ability to charge for usage. ChargePoint makes it simple for you and convenient for your employees. You can even  schedule a demonstration, so you aren’t purchasing something you haven’t seen in action.