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Do you need a complete enclosure solution?


With the summer months quickly approaching, our attention often turns to how weather conditions, specifically heat, affect our equipment. Equipment that is properly cooled provides for the reliable operation of electronic and electrical components in your facilities. In conjunction with nVent Hoffman, McNaughton-McKay can offer you filter fans, air conditioners, heat exchangers and integrated cooling enclosures to maximize your productivity and uptime while protecting the lifecycles of your controls and equipment.

But, where do you start in figuring out if you have cooling (and heating) problems inside your enclosures? And, if you do have issues how do you source material with a tight supply chain? The simple answer to both questions is, McNaughton-McKay.

Step 1

Request a Free nVent-Hoffman Thermal Audit.

  • McNaughton-McKay and nVent Hoffman can conduct a thermal audit of your enclosures to identify and inspect every enclosure and cooling unit in your facility.
  • Our specialist will do an in-depth thermal analysis of your enclosures to identify problematic electronics and components.
  • After the audit, you will receive a personalized report with solutions and recommendations for all your enclosures.

Step 2

Sourcing your needed materials.

  • McNaughton-McKay is part of the Hoffman on Demand (HoD) program. In today’s challenging marketing, you need the assurance that products are available when you need them. McNaughton-McKay has a local inventory of nVent Hoffman’s standard products and thermal management solutions.
  • Hoffman on Demand product categories include:
    • Junction boxes
    • Wall-mount, free-stand, floor-mount and modular enclosures
    • HMI and industrial wireway
    • Thermal management solutions
    • Accessories

Step 3

Modifying your nVent Hoffman standard enclosures.

  • McNaughton-McKay has two custom panel modification Steinhauer Machines in our facilities to take your standard enclosure and modify it to your specifications without having to wait on modifications from the manufacturer.
  • nVent Hoffman’s Steinhauer Machine eliminates manual measuring, drilling, and cutting holes and cutouts.
    • Custom enclosure modifications are done in our facilities
    • Get everything from simple holes to complex cutouts on any material, including stainless steel
    • Cut any shape or size
    • Drawings are stored for future needs

With all the stresses of modern-day manufacturing, let McNaughton-McKay take the worry out of your equipment overheating and being damaged this summer. Start with our Thermal Audit and let us help you find the perfect solution to all your heating and cooling problems in electrical cabinets and enclosures.