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With the weather heating up outside, the temperature inside your enclosures is heating up as well…which means it’s time for nVent HOFFMAN’s free Thermal Audit Service.

An on-site thermal audit quickly identifies problem areas and offers compelling evidence of excess enclosure heat that can affect performance and potentially damage your critical equipment.

McNaughton-McKay Electric Company and nVent HOFFMAN are partnering to provide you this free service, and the tools and support you need, to identify and address any enclosure thermal concerns.

Keeping your electronics cool is essential to maximizing the life cycles of your electronic devices, reducing capital expenses, and keeping your business running. Heat can have a significant impact on electronics, reducing performance, causing damage, and affecting manufacturer warranties.

Our team of highly qualified experts will inspect every enclosure and cooling unit in your facility as well as analyze the environment. The specialists will then take an in-depth look inside your enclosures to identify problematic electronics and components. Finally, after an audit is conducted a personalized report will be provided on all the enclosures with recommended HOFFMAN thermal management solutions.

Let us help you minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Now is the time to take advantage of this free Thermal Audit service. It’s easy – just fill out the Thermal Audit request form and we take it from there!

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Interested in learning more about thermal audits? Click below to get access to the nVent HOFFMAN video.