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From the factory floor to the office working safely matters. Hazards exist in every workplace environment. That's why it’s so important for you to comply with the latest safety codes and regulations. Hubbell Corporation is a committed partner to helping you maintain a safe workplace. Their wide range of safety devices helps you keep people safe, meet safety codes, and reduce risk while lowering your total cost of ownership.

Industrial Environments

Hubbell offers a wide range of products that provide safety in industrial environments even in the harshest of locations. The Twist-Lock® Edge products improve safety because the devices have no exposed live metal so you get a consistent and reliable connection with limited risk exposure. Twist-Lock® Edge screwless termination connectors and receptacles provide power for a variety of applications, including power drops, facility power, data center power supplies, entertainment power distribution, and industrial production equipment.

Harsh Environments

Killarks hazardous LED high and low bay light fixtures VML-X series are made with cast copper-free aluminum housing and have mounting options that are suitable for harsh and hazardous environments and are engineered for maximum safety.

For enclosed areas where combustible or corrosive gases, liquids, or dust may be present, ACME’s Encapsulated Transformer ensures safe and reliable operation because it is built with electrical grade resin and features rugged NEMA 3R enclosures. Industrial Control Transformers provide a low and safe control voltage for the operation of many electromagnetic devices. These transformers can be applied to various hazardous industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Marine, Wastewater, and Industrial.

Safety Tools

Burndy has a variety of tools that can increase safety in your facility with solutions that can be used across a variety of environments. The PAT444S series of Battery Actuated Hydraulic Crimping Tools utilize BURNDY T3 technology helps to facilitate a trusted connection that you can track, trace, and transmit. Safety features of the new PAT44ST3 using BURNDY T3 technology include a bright LED work light to illuminate the work area, a red/green LED to validate output force, a manual release trigger that allows partial retraction, large on/off triggers, a built-in trigger guard, and an enhanced hand grip area to prevent slippage.

Since introducing the first safety receptacle that set the industry standard, Hubbell has always been focused on safety. That's why every Hubbell product is designed and developed to provide maximum protection against injury and the potential dangers of electricity. Hubbell Corporation has the products required to keep your people and equipment safe, so when you think about safety, think Hubbell.


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