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A Light Fixture That Disinfects Your Workspace


Do you know there are lighting systems available that automatically treat harmful microorganisms suspended in the air you breathe, are trapped on the objects you pick up and live on surfaces you touch? Fortunately, there are luminaires available that offer uninterrupted environmental disinfection to help keep you safe from harmful germs.

How do these luminaires work?
By using recent advancements in lighting science and microbiology, luminaires can combine white and narrowband 405 nanometer visible light to disinfect workspaces. The luminaires meet ambient and task lighting requirements and provide a discreet disinfectant option for commercial applications. The germicidal effects of a narrowband visible light suppress bacteria, molds, fungi and spores. Specific microorganisms absorb nanometer light causing destructive oxygen species accelerating their inactivation.

Where can you find these luminaires?
Hubbell Lighting has this lighting system available in their SpectraClean™ Antimicrobial Lighting that offers an efficient disinfection option for most commercial spaces that include:

  • Classrooms
  • Convention Centers
  • Day Care Centers
  • Dining Areas
  • Fitness & Recreation Centers
  • Food Manufacturing & Preparation
  • Hospitality/Hotels
  • Mass Transit

How is this disinfecting process different?
Unlike other disinfecting methods, SpectraClean™ provides nonstop environmental disinfection. With it being part of the lighting system, it automatically treats harmful microorganisms residing on objects and fabrics, attached to surfaces, or suspended in the air.

How can you incorporate SpectraClean™?
You can make it a part of your general lighting solution by customizing disinfection schedules or select a specifically targeted disinfection schedule.

If you would like more information about antimicrobial lighting, give our lighting specialists a call and they’d be glad to answer all your questions. You can also view the Hubbell Lighting information.