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What is the Perfect Machine Vision and Fixed Industrial Scanner Solution?


Industries today are driven by production customizations, lean manufacturing, and global supply chains resulting in a constant focus on quality, yield throughput and expedited time to market. Demand never seems to stop and it’s up to you to maximize your manufacturing efficiency to increase output. You need a machine vision system that offers diagnostics to monitor and keep your production line moving and can detect defective products on the assembly line in real-time.

When looking for the perfect machine vision and fixed industrial scanner, consider these five questions.

  1. Do you need to inspect the quality of your work?
  2. Do you need to be able to inspect your products at any stage of production?
  3. Do you need to meet industry regulations for traceability and quality?
  4. Do you need high read rates to move more packages?
  5. Do you need to track products from the loading dock to the front door?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider purchasing a Zebra machine vision and fixed industrial scanner solution. They have an easy-to-use solution that increases your production performance and helps you automate essential supply chain processes. Manufacturing and material handling become so much easier when you can see something and verify what’s happening in real-time. That’s what the Zebra line of machine vision and fixed industrial scanners can do for you. They can give you the vision to ensure your products are labeled properly, meeting required specifications and quotas. Zebra products can capture up to 16 images in a single trigger event helping to further streamline your processes.

See how Zebra’s machine vision and industrial fixed scanning solutions can help you create an adaptable automated machine vision solution or add track and trace to your warehouse operations.

Video: Aurora™ Deep Learning add-on software designed to improve the quality and efficiency of machine vision applications for faster, more accurate reads.