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The Advantage of Using a PESD Beyond Meeting Safety Regulations


Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs) diminish the probability of shock hazards and arc flash. They come in the form of voltage indicators, voltage portals and combination units of the two. These are vital parts of your lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures, but what good are they to you outside of compliance?

Voltage Indicator PESDs show the presence of voltage by using flashing or non-flashing redundant LED lights. Flex-Mount PESD voltage indicators can mount onto any electrical enclosure with a 3/4” or M20 conduit knock-out. Lost phase, stuck blade condition, and dissipated energy of the connected source can also be seen with these indicators.

Voltage Portal PESDs allow maintenance personnel a no-touch voltage verification point when they use a NCVD pen on the outside of a grounded electrical cabinet. Grace Engineered Products offers a specially designed multimeter. The Safe-Test Point™ PESD allows qualified personnel to perform an absence of voltage/metered test from outside the cabinet without opening the panel door.

Combination PESDs can be merged into standard and custom configurations for either door or flange-mount installations. When procedure labels are used, task risks are further reduced to a bare minimum level. One of the most popular forms of PESDs are the Voltage Test Stations when combined with a Voltage Indicator and Safe-Test Point™ within UL recognized lockable housings with Type 4, 4X, and 12 ratings.

Certifications for these high impedance protected devices are CAT III & CAT IV rated and UL listed. When installed by a qualified person and properly incorporated into a facility’s electrical and mechanical LOTO procedure, PESDs surpass compliance with NFPA 70E®, CSA Z462 and OSHA energy isolation principles.

No matter how complex your lockout/tagout procedure is, Grace has the PESD solution to meet your needs. As part of their electrical safety programs, they have installed countless PESDs into their equipment.

If you’d like to learn more about how PESDs go beyond compliance, please view the Grace PESDs Video and download their eBook.